Nourishing the Spirit

chakras“The complete solution is to go back to who you are!”
-Dr. Sunil Joshi, Ayurvedic Physician & Panchakarma specialist

Dr. Joshi is a profound teacher! His five-day teaching at Kripalu was one of the most inspired educational experiences of my life, filled with wisdom, passion and a LOT of humor! You can read an interview with him here.

Alakananda Ma:

I’ve felt very blessed to discover the wise teachings of Alakananda Ma, an Ayurvedic doctor, English-trained medical doctor, poet, ex-Catholic nun, multi-faith pilgrim, Goddess devotee and founder of the Alandi Ashram and Ayurveda School in Boulder, Colorado. Her recorded talks have greatly informed and inspired me this year. She has a brilliant mind and, like any good teacher/guru, makes the Universe a more expansive space with her wisdom! I believe she is a teacher for the New Age!

You can access her audio teachings here:

Peace Pilgrim:

My mom had a copy of Peace Pilgrim’s book way back in the late ’80’s. I remember thinking it was just about walking for peace and nuclear disarmament. What I didn’t understand at the time was that Peace Pilgrim was a very profound, fully realized and enlightened Spiritual Teacher. I recently re-connected with her work -and the amazing video interviews with her on Youtube! In this time of deepening violence and aggression, she teaches that Peace must begin within each of us and that the outer World is a reflection of our inner landscape. Peace Pilgrim’s simple teachings are ripe for our Times.

Tara Brach is a wonderful Buddhist teacher in the Insight Meditation tradition. She is best-known for her “Radical Acceptance” teachings. Her Buddhist practice takes into full account the intricacies of the Western experience and the challenges that arise when Westerners explore the Buddhist practice. She is also an accomplished psychotherapist and counselor and brings years of clinical practice into her worldview. I find her Dharma talks to be inspiring and particularly helpful, especially when I am facing challenging times. You can access her weekly talks (and 25 minute guided meditations) through the Dharma Seed website.

I’m also a fan of Stephen and Ondrea Levines‘ teaching and work. They have made their lives an open laboratory for the Dharma in so many ways and their compassion towards themselves and others is an inspiring work-in-progress. Stephen’s “Soft Belly” practice was a profound teaching for me and I highly recommend checking it out! You can access a really great interview with Stephen via this link to hear him talk about Soft Belly.

Speaking of interviews! Tami Simon (the owner/founder of Sounds True) conducts very profound discussions with many of the leading spiritual teachers of our time. I have learned so much from these free hour-long conversations. Check them out at the Sounds True Insights at the Edge page.

Why Wake Up Early?
Waking Up Early: Experiencing the Ambrosial Hours of Brahmamuhurta
As Homo Sapiens, we are diurnal creatures. We sleep at night and are active during the day. Getting up early, around sunrise, serves two purposes: It gets us into rhythm with the natural daily cycles of sleeping at night and being active during daylight, which supports (and is supported by) the natural cortisol/meletonin production. The time before sunrise is also considered to be the optimal period to do spiritual practices such as yoga, mediation and pranayama.

Comedy as Spiritual Teaching:
I love this Louis CK bit about cells phones so much, I had to share it. Here is a wonderful, funny and totally profound teaching on the Human Experience…

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