This is a helpful  article about the basic concepts of Ayurveda by Dr. Vasant Lad This is a great article to read before your first Ayurveda appointment.

My video on the importance of using Sunrise and Sunset Viewing as a basic tool for optimal health

 Fundamentals of Ayurveda: The Basics is a great video introduction to the foundational principals of Ayurveda presented by teachers from Sadhana Yoga in New Jersey who attended the same Ayurveda School as Vivian. This is a great video to watch before or after your first Ayurveda appointment. 

 The Role of Fascia in Bodywork, Movement, and Acupuncture This article on the Triple Burner/San Jiao meridian and organ has included some very valuable information on the known and still theoretical role(s) of fascia.

[bodywork -such as massage, cupping, and gua sha- and movement practices] do not melt away the fascial tissue. What it does do is liquefy it so as to maintain your body’s ability to move in space.  We see the need for this liquefaction when we wake up in the morning or stand up after a long boring class and have to stretch. Your body naturally desires to maintain the fascia’s liquid state. To do this, heat and pressure are needed. Both can be provided through movement. Without movement, fascia will dry up and harden through a process call thixotrophy which I have mentioned before in previous blogs (think of Jello when you put it in a fridge)”

Ayurvedic Cooking for Self Healing by Usha and Dr. Vasant Lad is a foundational resource for basic Ayurvedic cooking concepts and recipes with a wealth of good health information. Unlike newer cookbooks, it has no pictures, but I feel the information is timeless and essential.

The Everyday Ayurveda Cookbook (now a series of books) is a beautifully presented cookbook and general Ayurveda resource written by my Kripalu School of Ayurveda classmate, Yogi Kate O’Donnell (click the picture to order)


Body Thrive by Cate Stillman is great week-by-week plan for adopting an Ayurvedic/Yogic daily routine and lifestyle. I highly recommend adding this book to your library (click the picture to order the book)


Balance Your Hormones, Balance Your Life by Dr. Claudia Welch. A wonderful book by one of my favorite teachers. (click the picture to order the book)


A lovely interview with Dr. Claudia is HERE 

Dr. Aviva Romm, MD is a wellspring of integrative medicine information. She’s a go-to resource for me! I highly recommend her podcast, Natural MD Radio and her book, The Adrenal Thyroid Revolution.

A short introduction to Ayurveda with Dr. Indu Arora

A Short film about Ayurveda and India

The Art of Being, a really nice full-length film about Ayurveda