Surviving the Holidays

caramel-cream-cake-lThis blog (below) by Dr. Aviva Romm has some great suggestions for what to do if you accidentally (or accidentally-on-purpose, like during holiday festivities) get exposed to dietary allergens or simply over-indulge. I’ve had a few clients suffering from and worrying about this issue recently, so I thought I’d share.

Aviva Romm: What to do if you get “gluten-ed” article

I especially love and agree with the idea of carrying digestive bitters and digestive enzymes/HCl for emergencies (that can happen anytime). It’s also great to keep ginger or CCF tea on-hand as well -drink them before a meal to enhance your natural capacity for good digestion.

Most importantly, enjoy the festivities, don’t be hard on yourself, then get back on the wagon as soon as possible!

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