Cedar Fever: Breeding Juniper Trees Wrecking Havoc on your respiratory system…


In Austin, Texas winter weather gives us a well deserved respite from the blazing heat that plagues us for a good portion of the year. Unfortunately, winter is also the time for Cedar Fever. Cedar Fever actually has nothing to do with cedar trees, but is caused by the pollen of our local Hill Country Juniper trees. For some people, this time of year brings allergies so bad that they can hardly go outside at all for fear of triggering a strong allergic reaction. For others, it’s just mildly bothersome, causing itching eyes and irritated respiratory membranes. Although I’ve never had a really strong immune reaction to Juniper pollen, on really high pollen count days, it feels like being coated with fine particles of fiber glass… Delightful!

photo credit: Ashley Neese

Both Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda have some great strategies and treatments to help combat the symptoms of pollen allergies caused by Juniper or other pesky plants. There are also courses of treatment that can help modulate the immune system in general for those who experience very strong hay fever-type immune system responses to pollen allergens.

Book an appointment with us and we can discuss treatment options and give you some acupuncture and herbs to help you start feeling better immediately. Remember, at Rosewood Acupuncture & Ayurveda, we have a super awesome sliding scale Monthly Membership option for weekly visits. We’re also exploring the idea of an All-Inclusive Allergy Season Package which would include all your allergy herbs and once (or twice weekly) acupuncture treatments for duration of the Cedar Season. Let us know if you’re interested in this. We are here to help you!

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